New Years Eve Tips

New Years eve is here and there are many things with your pets that you need to consider. This night can be just as noisy or noisier than the 4th of july so you want to follow similar safety tips for your pets during this holiday.


1.Keep your dog from ingesting confetti and any other party favors that are left on the floor
2.Noisy party favors can scare your dog so know ahead of time if that’s the case and either avoid them or secure your dog in a crate or another room
3.Fireworks are common just like 4th of july so if your dog is stressed about it, put them in a quite room with a tv or radio
4.If your out with your dog this evening make sure they are secure on a leash with a slip proof collar (there will be a lot of noise, people and distractions)
5.Make sure no one gives your dog alcohol
6.Make sure whatever your plans are to take into consideration your pets needs and plan accordingly.

Have a safe and wonderful new year!

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