Why Play Time Combined With Training Is Important

Studies have shown that playing with your dog can significantly affect dog-human relationships in a very positive way.

Lets face it, humans don’t like ALL work and no play and neither do dogs. Combining play time with training time not only gives the dog a “break” but it acts as a reward for the work they are putting in. Imagine your at work and landed the big deal, then your boss says “I’m taking you out to lunch”. Same concept with dogs.

It also breaks up the mental monotony of concentrating  for long periods of time. training can be extended ea session by adding play time in between.

This also helps create the positive “pack leadership” bond between you and your dog.

You notice in all of our videos we use the word “BREAK” to release the dog from command. Your dog learns to associate that with fun, play and reward and that’s when you can add a minute or so of play time/reward/lots of praise.

Simple tips:

  1. Find out what reward motivates your dog (ie. Certain toy, treats, verbal or physical praise, etc.)
  2. Use a 5:1 ratio (every 5min of training = 1 minute of play)
  3. Reward for effort not just perfection
  4. Know your dogs limits (find a starting benchmark and build from there)

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