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Excellent company!

We signed up for the 2-week Board and Train program when we first got our puppy. Our first experience was with the owner, Jeff, when we went for our puppy class. Within the first few minutes it was very clear to me that he was very passionate about what they do. When it came time to send Baron for his training, our trainer was Tim. He met us at the new location in Loveland and we talked for a while and went over the details of his training and exchanged phone numbers. We left 2 days later for vacation. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I received several video and picture updates per day on Baron’s progress. On turnover day I was amazed at the transformation that took place in just 2 short weeks. Since then we have been in contact with Tim who is actively providing guidance on a newly developed problem we are having with Baron. Overall I 10/10 would recommend this company to anyone, well worth every single penny.

Sean Felock  //  Verified Google Review

best investment

:I picked up my 2 year old German Shepherd mix named Maggie from her 2 week board and train stay today.  Maggie was rescued as a pup and had significant behaviors that got worse as she got bigger. She just would not listen and was very possessive of the whole house and everyone in it.  Words cannot express how much George and Cincinnati off leash K9 means to us.  We came to them desparate and frustrated. Jeff was understanding and compassionate listening to our troubles. Jeff provided me with our options which lead us to George.  George has shown us how to let Maggie be confident and obedient which has given us the confidence we need to provide a consistent environment for our dog. We have all relaxed and are excited for what's to come. The results my trainer accomplished in two weeks time are nothing short of amazing! This was the best investment that will continue to reward us for years to come. My Trainer and Off leash K9 have given us the dog we knew Maggie could be. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

OLK9 Review

Sandy Kelly //  Verified Google Review

My dog did so well

With my trainer in her 4 week class that I decided to do a 2 week board and train for our lab and rott pup.... can't wait to see the results, maizeys were phenomenal!

Anne Carey  //  Verified Google Review

We absolutely are amazed

My older dog tended to ignore us and the younger one was stubborn but they both responded so well.  I feel very confident with both of them off leash and even tested it out with them when we were away this weekend. They even seem to ENJOY listening to our commands. Definitely makes for a more peaceful house and happy dogs and family. I would highly recommend Off Leash K9 to anyone.

Bryna Miller  //  Verified Google Review

We are very happy

This training did marvelously with our Rhodesian Ridgeback. The trainer did a fantastic job making sure that we knew exactly how to get our dog to behave properly which really means training us to manage our dog. We are very happy with the results of k9 training!

Barbara Salzman  //  Verified Google Review

Highly recommended!

I can’t say enough great things about these trainers! We brought our golden doodle pup to Megan last summer. After just a few sessions I was able to walk him through our neighborhood Off Leash! He is such a well behaved and well mannered dog! My only regret is that we didn’t do this training sooner! 

Stephanie Wheeler  //  Verified Google Review

Our trainer was awesome

I highly recommend Off Leash K9 training. Our trainer was awesome with our labradoodle Demi.  Demi was very sensitive in the beginning with training Cara kept encouraging us to stick with it that it would get better.  Jeff the owner even came for one of Demi’s lessons also encouraging me to stick with it. After 1.5 weeks a switch went off and Demi started loving training she got use to the collar and loves her freedom now! We did the 4 week program and have no regrets! I can’t believe I didn’t do the training sooner!

Jenna Schlauch  //  Verified Google Review

Highly recommend

Beyond amazing. Working wonders for our fur baby. 

Ross Rogers //  Verified Google Review

Amazing transformations

I’ve known my trainer for several years. My trainer only knows one way to do things...with excellence! I have seen first hand amazing transformations in behavior in the dogs he and his team work with. When you work with Off Leash Training you will have a first rate experience for you and your pup.

Tom Allen //  Verified Google Review

truly changing our lives

First off I want to thank my trainer for all his hard work and dedication that has truly changing our lives. We have a 140lb Great Dane named Ruger which was a handful! That’s putting it lightly. Before coming to the 2 week board and train, Ruger was wild and wouldn’t listen to any commands we tried giving him. Ruger would chase and bark at everything in site and if he got out of our fence he would not come back to us. Walking him on a leash was a nightmare. He would pull me and my wife everywhere! He would want to jump on cars chase vehicles, etc. it was impossible to have him out to say the least. Now Ruger is wonderful. He is now completely off leash, he listens to every command given. It honestly doesn’t seem real. We are able to take Ruger out to on walks, anywhere in public without worrying that he will pull us around or run off or jump on cars! It’s wonderful to be able to have him even outside at our home not fenced in with the neighborhood kids and other dogs and no worries with him being off leash! If you have thought about this training don’t think anymore just do it cause it is worth it 110%!! Thank you again Tim! We will forever be grateful and life long customers!

Jonathan Lambert  //  Verified Google Review

This training is effective

My Trainer was great to work with, very knowledgeable.  The one on one lessons worked so much better for my playful lab mix and I learned how to better continue our training at home after each lesson. Jeff loves dogs. He's good at communicating and demonstrating techniques. This training is effective and doesn't take months to learn. Highly recommend!!!

Karin Eppert  //  Verified Google Review

Thanks Off Leash K9 Training!

I had seen my trainer on Fox 19 several times & finally decided to contact him about my dog Dingo. I was very excited that there was a location in Delhi since that is much closer to my home! I met Tim Kisner who worked with me & Dingo & really helped us a lot with some of Dingo’s behavior. He learned the “off” command immediately & my family was thrilled that  they were not being jumped on every time they entered the door! I am really excited about walking with Dingo in heel, now I feel like I’m walking him rather than he’s walking me!. I know that we still have a lot of practice/training to continue but I am so pleased with Tim & his training , I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to make life with your dog even more enjoyable !! Thanks Off Leash K9 Training!

Tina  //  Verified Google Review

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