How To Structure My Dogs Training

Most people don’t really know how to structure their time and tasks when training with their dog. Im gonna give you some simple tips to make things a little easier when figuring out your time and structure.

  1. Do one command at a time
  2. Communicate clearly
  3. Reward properly
  4. Practice regularly
  5. Take it one day at a time

1.Do not rush the process. 3d’s (Distance, Duration, Distractions)
2.Use clear cues and gestures. Simple one word commands. Assoc a verbal with a visual. Don’t yell.
3.Motivate with praise and treats. Notice we use “break” then play/praise/reward. Plenty of positive
4.Repitiion is the key to success. 30min per day. Keep your dog sharp and creates muscle memory (homework ex)
5.Give your dog time to rest. Common mistake is expecting dog to learn too quickly. Be patient. Take your time. you will better results.

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