How To Get Your Dog To Stay In Command

If you have taught your dog how to at least come and sit or even lay down, now is the time to take those basics and get to the next level of training. Part of training is not only wanting your dog to listen to you but its about building confidence, giving them a job to do, incorporating daily routines with the training and even most important having fun.

After you get the very basic commands down we are going to incorporate the 3 D’s. Duration, Distance, Distractions. So today we are going to work on part 1 of our 3 part next level training segments which is Duration.

Demo with dog “Sit and duration” and how to use “break”


  1. Make sure your dog is solid on their commands
  2. Leash, Loose Leash, drop leash, off leash
    3. start with small durations and increase gradually
    4. Use a release word to free your dog from command
    5 Always praise throughout the process

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