Things Your Dog Hates!

Unfortunately your dog can’t “speak to you” about what they like or dislike but there are some common things that most dogs hate. Today we are going to talk about the 2 most common.


1. Lack of rules and routines (Some owners don’t have rules and routines so the dogs can’t figure them out which can frustrate them. It is important to have rules and routine because it helps dogs regulate their internal clock so try to have a consistent feeding, potty, play and training routine and see how much happier they will become!)


2, Rushing through walks (For dogs, walks aren’t just a means to physical exercise, their brains also get stimulation during the walk. So it can be annoying to them when they don’t have the time to take in the scents and scenery as they walk.

-Need mental stim

-Use a longer leash to give them room to find scents

-Give them time to enjoy the scenery

So next time you go for a walk, give them time to take in and enjoy their environment)

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