Dog Ear Facts

Today is fun fact day. Dog ears and the different types.


Button, cocked, folded, V shaped, candle flame


-Button Ears: stands erect half way while the other portion of the ear covers the ear canal making it shaped like a button. (Fox Terriers and pugs)

-Cocked Ears: Leaves the ear canals open. (pitbulls, border collies, sheepdogs)

-Folded Ears: Folds over the ear canals like curtains, neatly arranged at the top and hangs neatly behind the dogs face. (bloodhoiunds, spaniels,

-V-Shaped Ears: Look like folded ones but they are bent into a triangular shape with soft edges (dalmations, labs,

-Prick ears: These ears stand straight up at attention pointing up. These are generally seen on wolf type breeds such as huskies, GSD, Mal’s, malamutes but some small terrier breeds have these ears as well.

-Blunt tip ears: pretty much the same as prick ears but instead of pointing straight up they are more rounded and curved. Type in French bulldogs, chows,

-Candle flame: Similar to prick ears, Generally curve inward at the base of the ear and then flame outward similar to a candle flame (only one breed with this type of ear: English toy terrier)

-Bat ears: this is pretty self explanatory. Ears that look like bat ears and type look disproportiate to the dogs head. Breeds include corgis, aussie cattle dogs and Chihuahua’s

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