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1 Week Freedom Board & Train


  •   Solid Obedience w/ Lifetime Refresher!
  •   1 Week of Immersive Training
  •   Dog will board with a Pro Trainer
  •   3 Guaranteed Commands
    •   Off-Leash Recall (Freedom)
    •   Place (& Extended Place)
    •   Sit (& Extended Sit)
  •   Recall in Multiple Distractions in Multiple Environments
  •   Greeting Manners – Door Manners – Meal Manners
  •   Includes e-collar.
  •   After completion, the owner will receive a 1.5 hr one-on-one session to detail everything their dog does, and how to properly handle them

This program is for dogs 5mos and older

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This is a very popular program and is usually booked out 3+ months in advance, so please contact us for details and to schedule. This is where you drop off your dog, and 1-week later you pick up a dog that can fully recall outside, off-leash, with distractions!
This 1-week Freedom program is our program which focuses on giving your dog the freedom to go to parks, beaches, and playgrounds to run and play freely; meanwhile, giving the owner the peace-of-mind that they will come back when called!

  • Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions)
  • Sit and Extended Sit
  • Waiting politely at doors and gates
  • Waiting politely for meals
  • Place and Extended Place (Jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there until released

This program is for dogs 5mos and older

The total price of this 1-week Freedom package is $1,300.00.

After completion of the training, the owner will be provided with a 1.5-hour one-on-one session which will detail everything their companion does, how to handle them, and how to properly control them.

** This program is NOT designed for behavior issues other than minor things like jumping on people and counter surfing. If your dog has any environmental or social stresses then this program is not for you. Please refer to our 2 week board and train or our 8 week basic/advanced private lesson program.
***NOTE: Dog MUST be potty and crate trained prior to arriving. If you need help with that we can give you training videos and guidance.
****NOTE: This program is generally 3 mos+ booked out and only requires a $300 deposit to hold the dates. You may also be eligible to come in ahead of time for a FREE pre board and train lesson to get started on a couple of things. This is totally optional and does not affect the training on our end whether to use it or not.

Email or call us for more information or to put your deposit down and get on the schedule.

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