How Can I Train My Aggressive Dog?

Our aggressive dog training courses work on the principle that there is no dog in the world that prefers to be aggressive. An aggressive dog will be just as unhappy as its owners about the situation. Aggression is caused by the dog’s environment putting it under some kind of stress. This is why our courses focus on the dog owner as much as the dog. It is essential for owners to understand that dogs are animals with well developed social needs which differ in many respects from human social structures. Smart owners will recognize this and work to understand the dog’s natural needs and instincts. Attending one of our sessions will quickly show you how simple it is to make an aggressive dog into a relaxed and happy member of your family.

We specialize in training for aggressive dogs. Our experienced trainers will observe and analyze your dog’s behavior and show you exactly why it is exhibiting this behavior. When it is explained to you, you will quickly get insight into the way a dog reacts to it’s environment. There is no mystery, although you might just now be at your wit’s end trying to figure out what is causing the aggression.

Learn how aggression is a natural reaction when your dog is under stress
Your dog is probably not aggressive all the time, though red zone dogs may exhibit extremes of bad behavior. Red zone or not, we understand that aggressive behavior is not related to the dog’s breed. Tiny Chihuahuas can be as bad as pit bulls, although of course some breeds are naturally stronger and can do more damage. The fact is that any dog will be aggressive if it thinks the situation demands it. Our dog training sessions explain clearly the main causes of bad behavior as well as why your particular animal is straying from the right path.

The chief amongst the causes of aggression are fear, the natural instinct to step into the role of pack leader if the owner is not fulfilling this role and frustration. For example, often times leash aggression occurs when the dog does not view you as pack leader, i.e. not in control of both it and other dogs in the area. When it is happy to accept you as leader its behavior towards other dogs will mirror your own. The same applies to bad behavior towards humans. Our training sessions for aggressive dogs are your first steps towards a happy and well behaved animal which will be a pleasure to own.

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