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Cincinnati’s OLK9 Dog Training Blog is here to help you learn all you need to know about dog training. We talk about training methods, the Off Leash K9 Training advantage, and we give you practical tips you can do at home to get that obedient dog of your dreams!

Yes, we train hundreds of dogs every year. But equally as important, we train dog owners! Helping you understand why your dogs do the things they do can only make you a better dog owner and bring peace to your family.

Off Leash K9 Training is the world’s highest-rated dog training company. And our Cincinnati Off Leash K9 location is one of the best!

Enjoy our Blog and check back often for more tips and dog training information!

How To Structure My Dogs Training

Most people don’t really know how to structure their time and tasks when training with their dog. Im gonna give you some simple tips to make things a little easier when figuring out your time and structure. Do one command

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Evacuation Kits For Your Dog

Often at times, disasters such as the hurricanes that have hit lately,  force one to vacate and abandon the house immediately with as fewer belongings as possible. Most of the times, people do have an emergency bag available for themselves

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Checklist For Your New Puppy/Dog

Picking the Perfect Christmas Puppy If there’s one surprise that is sure to bring your family lots of joy during the holidays, it’s a puppy. Many dog professionals claim that it is a bad idea to bring in a new

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How To Stop Playing Biting & Nipping

TIPS: Re-create Bite inhibition drills learned from the litter of the dog Squirt a little Bitter apple spray into dogs mouth while saying “OFF” Correct your dog verbally with “OFF” then replace with a bone or toy the dog CAN

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What Do I Do When I Bring A New Dog Home?

TIPS: 1.Find out from the shelter what the feeding schedule is and ask for some food that dog is eating so that you can properly transition to your own food. 2.Prior to bringing your dog home, dog proof you home:

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